Adjunct professor Lisa Durden went on with Tucker Carlson and advocated for a segregated Black Lives Matter event on Memorial Day weekend.


Tucker makes a good point in that he (like the rest of us) thought Black Live Matter was working on unity and that a deliberately segregated event such as this one took them backwards.

She replied, “Boo hoo hoo, you white people can’t use your white privilege card to get into the #BlackLivesMatter event.”

And she wonders why she got fired?

Via Time:

Essex County College President Anthony Munroe announced the decision Friday, three days after Lisa Durden addressed the matter during a public meeting of the school’s board.

In an interview Friday with, Durden compared her experience to a rape victim who is blamed for the crime. Her lawyer said the two are considering taking legal action over her firing.

Will she blame white privilege for getting her fired? Is she boo-hoo-hoo’ing now?