Rob Schneider was right to block Seth Rogen.

The man Seth is making a tasteless joke about is Tony Foreman, who has been in intensive care after he was stabbed nine times following a ‘free speech rally’ on Saturday in Santa Monica, CA.

Apparently the so-called ‘comedian’ thinks he looks like Foreman.

Considering how disgusting the Left has been with Scalise in the hospital and Depp’s comments about assassinating a president, this shouldn’t surprise us.

But ya’ know what, it still does.

Psh, you can’t expect Seth to go out of his way and figure out who Foreman really is, or why it’s f’d up for him to make an awful joke about him.

He really should.

But we all know he won’t.

Not anymore.


This didn’t come off as funny, it was more mean-spirited and hurtful.

Something like that.


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