Oh Lefties … if only you’d start looking for a BLUE CHECK before engaging the Sean Spicer parody (@sean_spicier) account.

Then again, if they did we’d have fewer and fewer reasons to write about their stupid, and his hilarious ability to make them look even stupider.


And as you can likely imagine, since the Senate released their version of the AHCA (or as the Left calls is, Trumpcare), the inmates were more restless than usual:

LOL. It’s interesting, they were willing to blame Bush for Obama’s entire administration and now that Trump is president, they’re blaming HIM for Obama. So either they’re admitting he did NOTHING as president or they’re just painfully ignorant.

Maybe both.

Isn’t bullcrap one word? Asking for a friend.


She should use more question marks and exclamation points, they make her seem so knowledgeable and sane.



Hey, at least the one person knew this wasn’t really the press secretary.

Yeah Sean, parodies shouldn’t be funny.

Yay for money trees!

WAVE. *snort*


It’s hilarious that’s all he’s noticing.

She’s snarking at a parody about a parody.

Lookout, this might have opened a space continuum somewhere.


Pretty sure that’s a maybe.

And a parody.

Happy Friday!


BRILLIANT! Meme expertly mocking Karl Marx ‘deserves a medal’ (bonus: hilarious replies)