Please. Just shut up.

Are you kidding with this?! Only just last week a crazed PROGRESSIVE (you know, one of YOUR people, Hillary) opened fire on a baseball field of Republicans nearly killing Scalise … so either she’s completely lost it after that fall on 9/11 last year OR she’s just evil.

Thousands died because the VA sucked, not to mention the four men who were murdered under her watch in Benghazi.

She has a lot of nerve calling ANYONE the death party.


She is the only candidate to have lost an election who became even MORE unpopular after she got her butt kicked.

Guess bitter and ugly don’t exactly inspire people to think much of you.

It’s like she’s still campaigning and not in a good way.


All she knows is divisive … that’s just one of the reasons she wasn’t ’50 points ahead’ and why she LOST bigly.

On a good day.

Keep reminding her that she LOST to one of the most unpopular candidates in HISTORY … which makes her even more unpopular.

Ugh, she’s just AWFUL!


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