And they say the Right is cruel.

Mary Katharine Ham has been sharing her story to prove what a NIGHTMARE Obamacare has been for thousands (millions) of families across the country, no matter how painful it has been for her.

So it’s no surprise the Left would go after her FOR it to protect their beloved Messiah’s legacy, Obamacare.

A leopard? Why is this the first we’ve heard of a leopard!?


She’s right, you know.

Troll started babbling about numbers and facts, which were wrong and boring so we’re not sharing them (if you’d like to be bored to tears all of these tweets are still available).

Here’s where it got nasty, the troll brought in her late husband …

Umm … because she loved him.


We so love this lady.

Typical progressive, only cares about people who might agree with them.

No ma’am, you did not. And trolls better recognize.

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