Awww, remember when Democrats assured us Obamacare was going to be TOTES rad and save us a bunch of money? Like the next best thing to sliced bread? And didn’t Obama even promise we’d each save $2500 every year with it?


Well, these tweets did NOT age well:

As we all know, premiums rose through the FREAKIN’ ROOF … that tweet from OFA TruthTeam is especially shameless.

Yeah, guy.

They don’t matter to people who know they won’t have to worry about paying them because MEDICAID.


Of course they knew. Gruber has bragged about needing Americans to be stupid so they could get it passed. So the Left can SIT DOWN while the GOP works to figure out a way to fix the mess they made of our healthcare system.


HA! Ben Shapiro snark-SLAMS Patricia Arquette for exploiting Jesus to attack GOP health care bill

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