Ya’ think?!

So we’re PRETTY sure Michael Ian Black wasn’t being genuine with this tweet (even though a bunch of Lefties with blue checks got seriously pissed at him), and his reaction when being called out by Conservatives supports our conclusion.

Where were these people when the Democrats were nuking health care as we know it?

Anything the GOP does is wrong, didn’t you know that? Republicans could find a way to end poverty throughout the world and the Left would find a way to complain about the social welfare programs that would no longer be needed.

That quote will haunt Nancy Pelosi forever … as it should.

REMEMBER THAT?! The ACA was passed on Christmas Eve with not one single Republican vote … and they have the nerve to bitch about what the GOP is doing now?!

Maybe Roadbeer should have spoken more slowly?

Uh-oh, nonbinary argument?! Whatever will the Hollywood guy do?

Of course he doesn’t remember what he said about the ACA because he didn’t say a damn thing.

Following the Dem’s playbook – “Do as we say, not as we do.”


But he doesn’t remember the last eight years or something.

And they wonder why the make us all crazy?


HA! Ben Shapiro snark-SLAMS Patricia Arquette for exploiting Jesus to attack GOP health care bill

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