Being on Twitter, every ONCE in awhile you tweet something that just doesn’t age well. We all do it.

But it’s especially funny when someone like Charles Clymer does it and the tweet includes a ton of virtue signaling, like these tweets on exploiting a tragedy or a terror attack:

Notice one is a tragedy, and one is a terrorist attack.

Also notice he’s bitching at people for calling Manchester a terror attack and in other tweet he’s insisting we need to say these things out loud. Because his narrative tells him this makes sense.

When called out, he tweetstormed, which means it probably bugged him to have to eat his own words:

Says the guy spewing intellectually dishonest BS.

While ignoring his own behavior, yup.

It was a terror attack, derp.

Huh? The media called it a terror attack before we even knew what the driver looked like.

Huffington Post syndrome or what?


Psh. He could be talking about Islam.

WHAT?! No.

As he says “Trump folks;” it’s like he doesn’t even understand he is doing the very thing he’s complaining about others doing.


Maybe read something other than blogs?


He was so mad he even made a typo.

Gotta love that.



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