George Takei needs to put the Twitter DOWN.

As Twitchy readers know, Takei has been trashing Scalise since he was shot and even as he’s been fighting for his life in the hospital. There has to be something really broken inside of a person to complain about another’s politics after they’ve been shot … because of politics.

For example, Takei is super hung up on the fact that a black lesbian saved Scalise:

BAM! She does have a name, it’s Crystal Griner.

The Left loves to ignore the individual and play the identity politics card … every time.

Kinda weak? Nuclear-level weak.


Not to mention if Scalise was truly a homophobic bigot as Takei infers, why would he have allowed a black lesbian to work for him? Another trick up the Left’s sleeve is to accuse the Right of hating people if they dare disagree with their policies. Don’t support gay marriage? YOU HATE GAY PEOPLE.

And they wonder why we’re concerned about violence?

Conveniently labeled so the Left can pander to them with talking points instead of action.



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