Sadly there is a LOT of stupid in politics these days and it’s not just from our elected officials. Between antics on the Left and now antics on the Right, a sane objective American can start to feel a tad bit politically bipolar.

Take for instance Laura Loomer interrupting Caesar in a supposed act of protest; some have called it ‘free speech’ but that would be incorrect. Civil disobedience maybe? Either way, it was magically recorded and released on Twitter where some were happy about it, and others not so much.

Watching the ‘activists’ attack one another though, that’s sadly what has become of modern politics:

In fact this may indeed be one of the talking points for the DNC in 2018.



Well that’s been happening in professional politics for DECADES.

Thanks Obama.

Luckily it hasn’t gotten to this point yet.

Or in simpler terms, Twitter.


OUCH! Sean Spicer parody STUNS George Takei and identity politics in one PERFECT tweet