Ugh, when will women Democrats stop telling us how nasty they are? PLEASE stop.

It’s just painful at this point and the visuals … aren’t good.


Trust us, Liz, we’ve seen plenty of nasty from the Left. In fact we’re all stocked up, feel free to NOT SHARE anymore.



And don’t forget the Queen of ugly pantsuits, Hillary ‘Bathroom Server’ Clinton.

Careful, she’ll get nastier or something.

What does she think she can do that’s nastier than screeching about everything 24/7? Yeah yeah yeah, Warren’s using the whole ‘nasty woman’ nonsense like she did the ‘she persisted’ BS after she refused to acknowledge the rules of the Senate.

And she thinks she can get even nastier? *sigh*

Not enough brain bleach in the world.


Heap big BS: Elizabeth Warren goes on warpath over ‘tax cuts,’ trips over her OWN wampum