When the BS is this deep you know it’s time to break out the boots, and trust us, you’ll need an extra ‘tall’ pair of boots to wade through this Paul Krugman ‘Obamacare rant’.

Oh boy.

WHAT?! If by many journos you mean the Leftist media that has been caught reporting more and more fake news, fine. But otherwise this is not a myth, this is the reality of how Democrats passed one of if not THE most unpopular pieces of legislation in a long time.


OMG. And you know what, he actually thinks people will believe this!

Let’s ask Gruber about how clear he was, shall we?

The goal was to give power to the federal government and destroy private industry in health care. THAT was clear.

Notice Paul leaves out the millions of Americans who lost good coverage under Obamacare and had to sign up for crap plans at twice the cost.


Everybody drink.

What was it that Nancy Pelosi said? We have to pass it to see what’s in it?

Good times, Paul.

Gosh, after eight years of horrendous legislation and division why ever would the Right be the least bit cynical?

But Trump.

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