Earlier today, Twitchy covered the ridiculousness that is Salon when they tweeted out a story ALL IN CAPS about how the GOP won’t give up their guns. It was rather dramatic and silly, which may be Salon’s new slogan, we’re not entirely sure.

From Salon:

The left-wing views of the alleged shooter might be surprising to some, but they shouldn’t be. The gun industry and the National Rifle Association market guns with promises that owning guns will make a customer feel manly and powerful, and that fantasy has a power that can transcend political boundaries. And no one knows better than gun industry leaders how feelings of political frustration caused by seeing your preferred candidate lose an election can be channeled into a pitch to buy more guns.

Huh? So are they saying the Left wants to feel manly and powerful?

The stupid, it burns.

There is no favorite or least-favorite part, there is only Twitter.

Whoa, we just totally went Jedi, it must be Friday.

Would be a super limited version of Twitter and man, what would we have to write about?

What makes Ham’s slam so perfect is she is not only mocking Salon but hammering home the idea that bad guys WANT good guys disarmed.

Unfortunately the Left just can’t (or won’t) figure that out.


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