Aww yes, another chapter in the Democrats book of, “Do as we say, not as we do.”

Elizabeth Warren seems to think ‘giant corporations’ should somehow be responsible for paying for health care for America.

What part of, “it’s not their responsibility to make sure people have health care” does she not understand? Honestly it feels like she gets government confused with corporations, which would sadly explain a LOT.

Not to mention these same tax cuts for the evil rich would likely apply to her … we all know she makes six figures to teach a class at a college.

Hey, maybe she should just write a check and pay for our health care herself?

Oh yeah, and that tidbit. Funny how Democrats never mention that.

But giving people choices is SCARY and could mean they don’t have the things the government wants them to have.

Yeah … we don’t get it either.

Why? How about it’s time for her and big gov to get out of health care?


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