Guy Benson shared a tweetstorm about the reaction he received from a gay Leftist over a photo he posted of himself in a t-shirt on Instagram:

Attended in solidarity … keep this in mind as you read his whole story.

Because how dare you feel unified and good about America.

Typical. *sigh*

Well of course. If someone is a gay Conservative they are treated like a traitor which makes zero sense; why would any group that advocates for equality support the idea that any one political ideal ‘owns’ them.

Guy used facts, and the only thing some gay folks on the Left hate more than a gay Conservative is when they use facts.


Good for Guy. Life is too damn short NOT to block ugly and hateful people.

Nope. This was a bullsh*t attack regardless of what may or may not have transpired this week.

‘Bad gays’. Sorta like how feminists treat Conservative women and how minorities treat black Conservatives. This notion that the Left owns groups of people has been around for decades, and the Right has been fighting against it for decades.

Guy is way nicer than we are.



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