Thinking Chuck Todd picked the WRONG TIME to lecture the right against pushing a toxic political culture, especially since the media and the Left have made poisoning this country a priority since Trump took office.

Who the Hell does he think he is?

Sorry, the editor of this piece is STILL angry about what happened and this smug, know-it-all response from the media is just in-freakin-furiating.

Hope most folks realize that if the gunman had been some evil white Conservative, ol’ Chucky here would be among the first to screech about how horrible the GOP is and find a way to tie it to Trump.

So spare us.


Can’t help but notice the Left suddenly wants to hug it out and pretend they didn’t in some way influence this crazy man.

Truth hurts guys.

OMG RIGHT?! How about, “Wow folks, this has gotten away from us. Sorry for feeding our audience hate and poison 24/7, let’s see about making this right.”

We’re not holding our breath.


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