Ugh. Someone get Sally Kohn a tissue, she seems upset.

Oh no, you mean you wrote a whole facebook post on hate and we didn’t all sit around singing kumbaya, thanking you for helping us see the light?

Poor thing.

Apparently selling her own base this BS wasn’t enough for Sally because she seems genuinely butthurt that it fell flat with the right.

Here’s what she wrote:

First paragraph wasn’t bad … but then the real Sally came out. “I do happen to believe that conservatives are more hateful,” says the hateful progressive writing about hate on a day when one of her fellow progressives gunned down five people.

But tell us more about how Conservatives are more ‘hateful.’

Wouldn’t surprise us if this was actually the writeup that accompanies her piece if Reddit covered it.


That’s the kicker. Progressives like Sally keep telling us how hateful and mean the Right is, but it’s people on the Left who are literally hurting others in the name of politics. And PLEASE spare us the whole, “we don’t know why the gunman did it” nonsense. Yes, we do.

And so does Sally.

So there.


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