Interesting how hard the Leftist media is working to pretend it’s not their fault that some crazy jackass opened fire on a bunch of Republicans yesterday. NYT went so far as to bring up Gabby Giffords and pretend that Sarah Palin’s campaign had put crosshairs on the representative specifically.

Which it did not.

The NYT did correct the article … sorta, but let’s be honest, their whole schtick is not about facts, it’s about agenda and narrative.

Kinda like how the parties have magically switched places over the years when it comes to the KKK and racism? Democrats love to pretend their party wasn’t behind the Klan …

Anything to keep themselves from looking like the bad guys they can be.

Would have taken maybe 60 seconds to realize that crosshairs thing was BS.

We laughed.

We cried.

We did not throw a phone though.



At the rate they’re going … possible.

Eh, no big loss.

Noooooo! Not Guy!


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