They just don’t get it, do they?

For a long time we thought this absurd ignorance around the second amendment and gun ownership was just an act so they could bitch and moan about Republicans … but man, they really don’t get it.

Katie gets it.

It really just illustrates the difference in how both sides approach situations; the Left wants the law (government) to protect them while the Right knows no one can defend them better than themselves.

Founding Fathers knew this.

Freedom isn’t easy and it isn’t sitting back and hoping the government will keep you from getting hurt.

Keep calm and carry.

Ahem, we’re waiting for the chainsaw attachment, thank you very much.

They keep leaving that part out, that the gunman was a DEMOCRAT. Shaun King said we should ban white men … maybe we should just ban Democrats?

If nothing else it would be hilarious watching them shriek if we did ban them.



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