You know when a Lefty figures out something he’s tweeted was bad enough to be deleted that it was REALLY BAD … of course this is running rampant all throughout Twitter today after the shooting in Alexandria.

Granted, the Left behaves like maniacs after any shooting but this one, being that it seems to have targeted Republicans, has them acting even more maniacal than usual.

Take Greg for example:

Conservatives are using his own words against him.

How dare they?

Oh, and yes, he deleted THAT tweet and the thread he was complaining about, but thank goodness screenshots are FOREVER.

The overwhelming theme behind much of their grumbling is that the GOP is trying to kill people with their health care bill, which is just about the dumbest accusation ever uttered by the stupid on the Left.

And they’ve uttered a LOT of stupid.

Almost like Greg here is justifying someone shooting at Republicans, yeah?


Talking about a silver lining, like there is EVER a silver lining in a mass shooting.



Something like that.


GOP Rep. Steve Scalise, ‘multiple others’ shot at congressional baseball practice