As you can imagine, Shaun King has reacted … ridiculously to the shooting in Alexandria this morning.

He took a ‘quick second’ to tweetstorm about said incident, and it’s just painful:

Look how quickly Shaun made this about race.

Raise your hand if you’re NOT surprised.

Nuanced treatment? Wha?

Shaun. Dude. You’re white.

Actually the main people we see politicizing this are Lefties trying to justify the shooting since the GOP is supposedly attempting to kill a bunch of people with their health care bill … but you be you, Shaun.


Let’s be fair, if a Muslim shot at the GOP today it would have been for Allah.

White men must be banned … what?!


Can you IMAGINE the shiznit storm the Left would throw if people demanded to ban black men? Muslim men? Mexican men?


Says the guy playing political football … right.


‘Hateful PR*CK.’ Verified account tweets/deletes VILE thread on Alexandria, targeting GOP