As Delta and Bank of America pull funding and support from ‘Shakespeare In the Park’, James Woods has a different suggestion for ‘dealing with’ the Left and this ‘Trump assassination act’:

Don’t censor them.

Make sure the whole world sees them for who they are.

Of course this isn’t surprising coming from a man who has spent decades in entertainment; why censor when you can expose?

Like their AntiFa movements and marches – the more we see of them the more we understand why they can’t win an election.

Which is more entertaining than ‘Shakespeare In the Park’ or any Hollywood ‘blockbuster’.

That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to work; of course that’s been lost over the past eight years as the Left shut down bakeries, boycotted brands and got professionals fired.

Sort of reminds us of the old saying, give them enough rope?

So give them enough Leftist Shakespeare drivel …


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