Ever since the news broke that Megyn Kelly interviewed Alex Jones, people on the Left (and the Right) have been less than thrilled with her. The dozens of accusations being thrown at her for doing the interview have been almost as nutty as Jones himself.

Kelly released this statement just a bit ago:

Journalists have interviewed horrid people over the years (even Hitler), and while we understand that people are angry with Jones for a multitude of reasons (and rightly so), why not shine a light on who he really is?

Agreed. Pretending these people don’t exist just dumps gasoline on their agenda and makes them ‘martyrs of the establishment.’ Jones has built his career around supposed persecution …


It’s not like Kelly had him on to talk about how great he is. In fact, Jones was pissed at her …

Damn right.

Nothing scares the cockroaches like flipping on the lightswitch.



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