As Twitchy readers know, SJW Katie Hinde decided she would make America stupid again by moving a bunch of NASA shirts from the boys section to the girls section because apparently that will make women stronger … or something. And while the mockery of her t-shirt situation was epic (read here!), one specific argument caught our attention.

An argument with another SJW, which is ALWAYS popcorn-worthy.

Ok, so this is nice. Something people say to one another as a means of support?

But apparently SJWs don’t like certain types of support.

Yo. Thanks for supporting me but let me tell you how to do it.

And they wonder why we make fun of them.

Enter the other SJW with a lesson on the term “spirit animal.”

So wait, Harry Potter is cultural appropriation?! WE KNEW IT!

Please, for the love of all that’s Holy, read another damn book.


Most English words have roots … but we digress.

Oh look, Hinde tied it to CULTURAL GENOCIDE.


These people have got to lighten up.

Oh wait, seems Hinde committed cultural genocide four years ago!


Right? But we sure as Hell tried. *snort*


‘Sexism solved’! SJW thinks she’s changing the world one shirt at a time (she’s not)