There is something absolutely HILARIOUS watching the Left freak out when funding has been pulled from something THEY like or support, especially when they have spent years trying to put people out of business with boycotts.

As Twitchy readers know, Delta and Bank of America pulled their funding from ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ after the group staged a Trump assassination. And as if on cue, the Left is OUTRAGED!

Even Hillary’s daughter:

Yes you silly, uneducated, simple people who were offended by the depiction of your president being killed, you are too stupid to know it’s just the theatre so it’s OK.

And they wonder why everyday Americans reject them more and more?

Wonder if Chelsea would be so nonchalant if they had done this to Bubba?

Threads Chelsea shared:

Boohoo! Poor people can’t see Shakespeare without rich people paying for it … or something.

Wait, a Clinton putting their money where their mouth is?


Again, notice how they frame this – people are too stupid to understand they shouldn’t be offended.

Until the Left figures out talking down to Americans they disagree with doesn’t work, they will just keep losing.



Chelsea actually responded to someone responding to one of our Twitchy editors … so we thought we’d update:

Alrighty then.


Delta ends sponsorship of ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ after staged Trump assassination; Update: BofA drops, too

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