Gotta be honest, the editor of this piece loves the movie, ‘Steel Magnolias.’ She has probably seen it over 100 times and still cries when Sally Field walks quickly down the hospital hallway when her daughter has collapsed and shortly thereafter dies.

Big ol’ tears.

So honestly seeing this tweet was absolutely disappointing:

We get it. They play characters, they’re not really these heroes or super-moms we see on the screen but there was just something so genuine in her performance …

Not to mention we’re not entirely sure which politicians she’s talking about or which rights they’re supposedly attacking.

Surely Sally knows abortion ISN’T a right.

Yeah, not happening.

Mean ol’ America, made people like Sally uber rich and famous – thank goodness we ‘little people’ have her to fight for our rights.

*eye roll*

That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to work; write a damn check, Hollywood.

She certainly does seem proud of it, doesn’t she.

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