It’s seriously like the Left witnessed a different tragedy last June at the Pulse club in Orlando; all of these articles pushing narratives that blame homophobia and racism with no mention of the reason Omar Mateen HIMSELF gave for shooting dozens of innocent people.


The New York Times has been exceptionally annoying today:

Huh? Mateen told the world WHY he was doing it …


Harsh but honest and real.

Maybe if we in general were this harsh in all dealings with Islamic Terror people would start waking up .

Then again, it is the media and the Left we’re talking about here.

Not a gay thing.


Something like that, yup.

Dude, it’s the New York Times … you surprised?

Islamic soldier. How much clearer could Mateen have been, folks?


PATHETIC: WaPo shredded for what’s missing from Pulse attack remembrance

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