You might want to get a cup of coffee before reading the stupid that follows … serio.

HEY GOOD NEWS, Jihadis brutally murdered eight people in yet ANOTHER terror attack in London BUT the diversity of the victims tells a proud story of the city’s diversity.

Holy sh*t, right?

Of course we shouldn’t be surprised this is their ‘silver lining’ when one of the Jihadis who took part in the terror attack was on a TELEVISION SHOW called, ‘Jihadis Next Door’.


If only …

Awww notice they don’t talk much about the diversity of the Jihadis who did this. Convenient.

Uhh yeah.

Hey, come to London where our terrorists don’t care about your sex, color OR creed – they kill everyone equally!

Yay diversity!

Seems a little wordy for a brochure.

Not so convenient.