At this point we’re not sure which is the bigger parody, the guy parodying Sean Spicer on purpose or the Left in general who has become an absolute joke with all of their meaningless marches that are really just bitchfests with streamers and posters.

So while we cringed a little reading this tweet, it’s more a reflection of the Left than the account itself or Trump:

How many times have we heard that Pence will gather gays up and put them in camps? Or that Trump is literally Hitler.

Which would be a joke to most normal sane people, but sadly to the crazies on the Left … they believe this crap.


Good gravy.

It’s a joke, man.

Fearmongering. FIFY.

And he doesn’t think the president is headed in that direction, the people marching for no reason today do.


With posters, don’t forget the posters.

His tweet even brought out other parodies, who aren’t nearly as original or funny but hey, whatcha gonna do? They can’t all be winners.

Mocking people for accusing Trump of being Hitler is a far cry from some crazy, progressive comedian holding up a bloodied, severed head of the president.

But you be you, parody.

Bonus tweet that hammers home his joke about Americans marching for equality:

And curtain.


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