Not sure Megyn should worry TOO much about the National Enquirer, considering they helped push the silly narrative that Elvis was still alive … and that Ted Cruz’s dad helped kill JFK.

Does anyone really take this rag seriously?

If we’re going to talk about ‘carrying water,’ we have to bring up The New York Times, right? Washington Post? At least the National Enquirer knows very few people take it seriously … the others pretend they’re real journalists.

And look, Chelsea is trying to bond with Megyn over it:


Just no.

Nah, she’s not a Clinton.

Aren’t her supporters just adorable? Hey Chelsea, you’re my bae but you shouldn’t be nice to Megyn Kelly because Trump and stuff.

Man, can these people hold a stupid grudge or what?!

Guess the love fest Chelsea was looking for in bonding over the National Enquirer ain’t gonna happen because her own followers are just too mean.

Wonder if she saw that one coming.

We did.


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