Oh Stephen, this is just pathetic. LOL.

Dear God NO.


See, no.

Poor Stephen King. So distraught over Donald Trump that he is all but begging for Obama to come back, which tells us he didn’t pay attention to a damn thing for the past eight years.

Dude has written a lot of scary stuff over the years but …

Right?! What is he THINKING?!

Even if Trump isn’t your cup of tea it’s clear Obama failed; over 1000 elected seats lost for Democrats across the country under Obama. Not to mention millions of Americans losing their insurance, IRS targeting people, numerous terror attacks …

Not exactly a ‘shining’ legacy.

We see what you did there.

But when it’s THEIR guy who’s being thin-skinned and narcissistic it’s ok for some reason.

Good times.

Oh and if you thought Conservatives were hard on Stephen, check out the Bernie supporters:


Ask a stupid question, Stephen, get a stupid answer.