Saturday morning, Salon tweeted out a story about Ice Cube accusing Bill O’Reilly of sounding like a redneck trucker.

Forget that truckers keep this country going so the insult sucked anyway, but Salon had the wrong Bill.

Couldn’t happen to a “nicer” publication. *snort*

Someone’s bias is showing …

So they deleted the tweet and reposted this; notice they removed the redneck trucker bit as well.

Because you know, all ‘Bills’ look alike and all truckers are rednecks.

These people.

Editor’s note: Typically we do not include our own tweets but this editor was one of a handful of people who caught the deleted tweet because she’s a Twitter maniac.

They deleted it … sadly they didn’t delete it for the right reasons though.

A to the men.

Exactly. Bigotry and racism are totally hilarious when the right people are bigoted and racist … right Salon?


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