CNN confirms the network has parted ways with Reza Aslan, who has a history of posting profane, anti-Trump tweets.

Via CNN:

The network said Friday that it has “decided to not move forward with production” on Aslan’s “Believer” series.

Season one of “Believer” premiered in March. Season two was announced at an event for advertisers in mid-May. Aslan’s production company had already started working on the new episodes.

But the network decided to break off the production relationship after Aslan called President Trump a piece of excrement, using an expletive, last Saturday.

Aslan’s statement is as follows:

Notice all of the ‘digs’ about how successful he thinks his show was.

Too bad he had to tweet horrible things at the president …

And his show was about tolerance?


Issues with CNN? Could be.

Griffin, Aslan …

Definitely sounds like a trend and a serious issue at CNN.

And with far too many media outlets today.


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