Because RUSSIA!

Russia, Russia, Russia!


Via Patribotics:

Exclusive: Sources familiar with James Comey’s thinking say that today’s explosive testimony was planned in advance as part of the counterintelligence operation against Russia’s attack on the United States.

James Comey knew in advance he was going to be fired, these sources say, when Trump threatened him. At that point, the Director set in place countermeasures to protect the FBI”s investigation from Trump’s interference.

So the plan was for Comey to look like a total wimp and admit Lynch was going to bat for Hillary.

Umm … k.

Right? What a disaster.

But wait, if this was a meticulously executed plan against Russia’s attack on the U.S. … you know what, never mind.

Spy movie or novel, maybe.

It’s like some people get a blue checkmark and totally lose their marbles.

Maybe Russia MADE Louise tweet this because of … Russia?

Yeah, we got nothin’.

Editor’s note: Big thanks to @TCC_Grouchy for the term ‘demenschia’. *knuckles*