Rosie started out her day with a smug, snide tweet to Donald Trump about how it was Comey Day:

All in caps and everything; clearly she thought something BIG would be happening today with his testimony.

Check out those exclamation points even.

Oh look, none of that stuff came up in his testimony.

And sadly, her whole timeline looks like this, throughout the morning and early afternoon. Smug tweets making fun of Trump and how Comey was going to magically get him impeached today.

Yeah … HA HA HA. Tell him that.

Except nothing really came of the testimony EXCEPT for Comey admitting Lynch very well may have obstructed justice for Hillary.

Look, she even gave money to a traitor.

Picked on ANOTHER of Trump’s sons – more CAPS.

And then she figured out things may not be going as she planned:

Sounds personal, right?

She shared this … Trump was vindicated because we already knew ALL of this, and whether or not it was ethical it was not illegal.

Here come the hashtags.

Nope. Trump’s not done.

Sorry Rosie.



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