The Left certainly does seem to have put all of their eggs into one sad, Comey basket. While normal Americans are scratching their heads and trying to figure out what exactly Comey might say that’s so Earth-shattering, the Left is acting like today is the day Trump will be impeached.

Even though Comey has already stated that he will NOT testify that Trump obstructed the Flynn investigation and that he DID tell the president he wasn’t under investigation.

The GOP Twitter account nailed this confusion with one, hilarious tweet:

Fairly harmless, yes? Sure, they were trolling the Left but honestly, the Left has earned it.

Oh, and it really pissed Alyssa Milano off:

WHOA. Settle down there, missy. It’s just an animated gif.

Then again, if your whole ‘resistance’ is based on Comey somehow riding to the rescue and impeaching Donald Trump, these jokes probably are a tad … triggering.

Oh yeah, there’s that piece too … GOP isn’t a govt organization so technically they do not work for the people.

Lighten up, right? Sheesh.