Whoa-oh. These Knight First Amendment Institute people mean business … try not to laugh:

They’re DEMANDING the president unblock people on Twitter who have possibly (likely) harassed him because it’s somehow unconstitutional.

The stupid burns.

If you look at their site under their ‘About Us’ section, you’ll find a rather lengthy, blustering explanation about how they’re important even though they’re confused about how the First Amendment actually works.

From their site:

Established in 2016 by Columbia University and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Knight Institute has entered the field at a moment when First Amendment freedoms are under siege. The privatization of the public square, the expansion of the surveillance state, the steady creep of government secrecy, the draconian treatment of whistleblowers, the demonization of the media by the nation’s most senior officials—all of these are significant threats to freedoms on which our democracy depends.

We’re not a Democracy, kids.

Anyone else wonder if Trump saw this, how hard he laughed?

And honestly, it’s not like people who are blocked can’t read his tweets if they want to, just logout of Twitter.

The government is not keeping them from speaking or punishing them for speaking …

Kids these days.