Oh boy.

We’re not entirely sure Rosie O’Donnell or Chelsea Handler, two of the nuttiest broads on Twitter, have ANY business making accusations about the mental health of other people. Last week for example, Rosie attacked an 11-year-old boy for being afraid of violent and bloody imagery of his father.

But that didn’t stop Rosie from pulling a two-month old tweet from Chelsea Handler to question the president’s mental health:

Only if that national discussion can start by addressing crazy Hollywood elitists who think they’re smarter and more important than average Americans who voted for Trump.

Oh, and people who use a lot of CAPS on Twitter … who search desperately for OLD tweets she can use to troll Trump.

Like Rosie.

We just want to help.


Actually, mental illness is no laughing matter HOWEVER, someone like Rosie who screeches and obsesses about Trump 24/7 on a very public timeline probably shouldn’t be pointing fingers at other people and accusing them of being crazy.