All terrorists are men. For realz? Maybe she missed San Bernardino and countless other terror attacks that involved women … and really, toxic masculinity? Funny, we thought most terrorists were killing in the name of ALLAH. We have yet to hear one of them proclaim they’re mass murdering in the name of their penis.

Feminists are awful. ADDRESS IT.

More than four, Sofie.

Read a book OTHER than Harry Potter, PLEASE.

Men are taught violence? What, is this some class in high school that this editor was not aware of?

Luckily a few men haven’t been so emasculated that they can’t defend themselves in the era of third wave feminism … like Instapundit, who used their own ridiculous logic against her.

RIGHT?! Maybe all of these men identify as women.

Or unicorns.

Or leprechauns.

It’s possible, isn’t this stuff fluid or something?


Poor Sofie received SO much negative feedback that she tweeted this today:

Her “official apology” sucks.