Is there anything MORE painful than watching someone like Sally Kohn from the Left pretend she knows or understands anything about the Constitution?

Sally. We don’t want to ban everyone from Muslim countries (there are only seven countries listed and Muslims live all over the world), and we already HAVE background checks for guns … this drama is ridiculous.

Always with the discrimination BS, and it IS BS.

And boom. So much boom that the boom stopped and then boomed even more loudly the second time.

If Sally really understood the Constitution she would know first of all that it needs to be capitalized. Not to mention the ban is not based on faith but location, so she’s really wrong here.


Not to mention she’s trying to imply that Dana is a bgot.

Not a damn thing. Sally moved the goalposts as most progressives do when they’re losing an argument.

Oh yeah, that tidbit too.



Nope. Some folks are just so wrapped up in their agenda they can’t see beyond it.

They’ve gone from educating to indoctrinating, which is why we need Betsy DeVos but that’s a different story.



It’s like every time Sally tweets she’s getting embarrassed. *shrug*