It never fails.

Donald Trump can say or do something questionable, and the Left will rise to the occasion and say or do something MONUMENTALLY stupid.

Like this interview on MSNBC between Thomas Roberts and Howard Dean:

From TownHall:

The notion that the president of the United States wanting a terrorist attack to exploit for political gain is a throwback to the progressive nutjobs who thought the 9/11 attacks were an inside job. It was insane then, and it’s still crazy now. Roberts may think this line of questioning is legitimate, but without hard evidence—it’s rather irresponsible to bring up on live television. I know it may be hard for some on the Left to comprehend this, but Donald J. Trump is not evil. That would be ISIS. You’re getting your enemies mixed up (shocker).

That’s because the media and the Left sees the right as more dangerous than terrorists. We know, it’s stupid.

And look, Roberts defended it:

So according to Roberts, Trump is willing to get more innocent people killed in a terror attack for political gain.

And they wonder why we call them fake news?