It would seem Ben Rhodes is more concerned about Trump hurting the mayor of London’s feeling than he is about the actual terror attack on London Bridge. Trump is not alone in his criticism of Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has all but surrendered to the notion that terrorism is just something his city will have to get used to.

That’s not leadership.

What? Churchill wasn’t the mayor of London.

History much?

Exactly. Churchill would have been calling for an ass-kicking; the notion that we should for whatever reason accept terror in any way would have offended him.





Ben will just convince himself that anyone who disagrees with his tweet is too stupid to know better … it’s what progressives do.

Odds are Churchill wouldn’t have been a Kahn fan, especially his nonchalant attitude toward protecting his people from terrorism.

We could play this ‘imagine history changed’ game all day, but we’re pretty sure Ben wouldn’t like it.


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