You know those tweets you see from a progressive that you KNOW won’t end well for them so you laugh and grab the popcorn?

David Frum sent out just that sort of tweet and yeah, it didn’t end well for him.

Or Hillary.

He was of course referring to this:

Granted, we know he was trying to imply that Boris is deeply sinister or whatever other nonsense he bellyached about in his tweet, but people had several suggestions for that ‘word,’ and none of them worked in Frum’s favor.

This could work. In fact, if you look Obamacare up in the Dictionary, this may well be the exact definition of it.

Oops. And yup.

Clintonian. We like that.

It sounds a little like a disease you’d go see a proctologist for, “Doc, I think I’ve got a bad case of Clintonian, my backside is super itchy.”

HA! Perfect.


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