Remember when the Grinch strapped a bomb to himself, went down to Whoville, stood outside a Who concert and blew himself up killing dozens of Whos inside?


Well gosh, author Jodi Picoult seems to think the aftermath of a terror attack like London is JUST like the Whos standing around singing after the Grinch stole their Christmas. Or at least she did until people mocked her so badly she deleted her tweet:

Because a crabby green guy stealing a bunch of presents is totally like the men of ISIS stabbing a bunch of people or running over them with a van. Sure.

Too bad it took over a hundred people to help Jodi figure it out.

Not over 100!

Something like that.

Hey, at least she didn’t use Harry Potter? Right? RIGHT?!

Being diligent and taking action against evil is hardly being in fear or allowing the terrorists to win. Honestly pretending that love saves the day with these evil bastards does nothing more than get people killed.

But hey, Faroo fores and stuff.

Editor’s note: The editor of this piece had to look up the lyrics to the Who song, had NO IDEA after all of these years they were singing, ‘Faroo fores’; still have no idea what the heck it means.

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