As we watched yet ANOTHER terror attack unfold in London, with seven reportedly dead and dozens more wounded, Trump tweeted this:

He’s right.

Why SHOULDN’T Americans have an extra layer of protection? Are we really so worried about feelings and being politically correct that we as a country would put our own people at risk?

The notion that halting travel from countries that do a poor job of vetting their own citizens is racist is one of the silliest creations of modern-day progressivism.

Need proof? Check out Reza Aslan’s tweet:

It would appear Reza is angrier at Trump for being RIGHT about London than he is about what actually happened in London.

Didn’t you know? Words are super scary and if we are in anyway concerned about terrorists killing people in the name of Allah we are racists, bigots and Islamaphobes.

Ya’ gotta wonder how hard the terrorists laugh when they see progressives pretending like they’re the real victims.

A to the men.

And he’s not even a funny clown.

But see, if Reza focuses his anger on the real problem he’ll have to admit his whole way of thinking and his progressive narrative is wrong.

And he can’t have that now, can he.


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