Kathy Griffin has been disgusting for years, but she’s been just unpopular enough to sorta float under the radar where only her equally disgusting fan base paid attention to her.

Which might be why she felt like she had to finally destroy her career, but we digress.

Griffin’s old tweets are proving she’s been cruel to children for years, especially to those whose parents she disagrees with politically. Take this tweet from 2009 for example:

Really Kathy?

We get it, you don’t like Sarah Palin, but why go after her kid?

Clearly she missed the memo that kids are off limits.

TRUTH. Which is just more proof of her sad existence before this, that she could have tweeted such garbage nearly a decade ago and no one really paid attention.

We hope Sarah Palin’s ‘retarded baby’ is smiling today.

Yup. Because for whatever reason, they DESERVE IT.

For years and years even.

Noticing that she’s not funny, fair point.

It is indeed.