The way the Left has imploded, you’d think Trump went into space and fired a nuclear weapon at planet Earth. Seriously. If they’d take a moment and read they’d realize we are pulling out slowly (over four years) and that the agreement never really did anything, anyway.

They should just be honest and admit anything Trump does will freak them out.

And speaking of freak out, check these tweets from John Fugelsang:

Drama queen is dramatic.


Actually he came in first which is why he’s president. Otherwise that mean lady in the ugly pantsuits would be president.

Nope. And you know why?

Holy Hell these people are ridiculous.

Electoral College keeps large cities from deciding national elections. That’s it. What do you wanna bet Fugelsang would change his tune super fast if California and New York suddenly turned super conservative? He’d be crying about how those big cities are bullying the smaller populations.

Another ridiculous climate change tweet:

Wha? The Earth has been around for 4.5 billion years. Fugelsang must have missed the last 50 years or so where scientists have repeatedly told us we’re all gonna die because of cold, heat, flooding – and not one of these predictions has come true.

But you be you, John.

They don’t care about any child who doesn’t fit their narrative.

And here’s Fugelsang being a sexist jerk and assuming only men are against abortion.