So tell us again which party is filled with hateful, violent people? They go low we go high? Stronger together?


David Sedaris, so-called ‘humorist, comedian and writer,’ had this to say about President Trump at Politics & Prose:

Imagine the shiznit storm the Left would have thrown if someone had said this about Obama. Granted, people said a lot of dumb stuff about Obama BUT the amount of vitriol from these people since the election is stunning.

  • Snoop shot Trump in a video.
  • Sarah Silverman wanted to use the troops to rise up against Trump.
  • Kathy Griffin beheaded him.

And now Sedaris admits he hates him and wishes he could go back in time to kill Trump.

These people are certifiable.

Right? Yikes.

The Left is far more violent, angry and clearly blood-thirsty than anyone on the Right.

But tell us more about tolerance, hope and change.