As Twitchy reported, the popular account WeRateDogs went political earlier this week, then took it back, and then took that back … so basically they’re back to being political.

Why not use adorable dogs to pander and manipulate people to subscribe to your progressive agenda? Classy.

After WeRateDogs went political AGAIN, this time about the Paris Agreement, Conservatives decided to fight back and started posting pictures of adorable pups with a slightly different take on climate change and other political issues:

Editor’s note: Typically we do not include tweets from ourselves BUT the progressive takedown with adorable pictures of dogs started here, so it’s included. 

We can’t help but love Pickles. Admit it, you love Pickles too.

Pepper seems to be chasing his tail … PERFECT for a Climate Scientist.

We love Obidiah’s face. What a sweetie, and so wise.

Eeek! Cold pup is ready for warmer temps. Heh.

Poor Cooper, hopefully he’ll figure out that both issues should be funded with private monies and not tax dollars.

She is just as smart as any of these other climate fanatics who told us the ice caps would be gone years ago.

Awww, we wonder the same things.

Conservative dogs for the WIN!