We’re not sure, but the level of Peter Daou’s Hillary-Crush may have opened up a space time continuum.

Surely even the universe is ready to collapse onto itself over the ridiculousness of his tweets.

This one is SPAY-SHUL:

You’re right, Peter.

Hillary scares men … and women … and children … and small animals.

But not for the reason he thinks or wants US to believe. We’ve been mocking Peter for months now and no matter what happens, he refuses to admit Hillary was just a crap candidate.

Honestly as much as he blames her sex for her loss, he’s almost sexist.

But she has GUTS!

LOL. He really is the Smithers to her Burns … someone needs to make a meme.

The fact she was even this close to the presidency should scare the crap out of all of us.